• Railport Brabant

Railport Brabant is a multifunctional rail terminal situated in Tilburg. Railport Brabant offers forwarding by rail from Tilburg to destinations throughout Europe and China.For each transport requirement we will have a solution available. Together with Barge Terminal Tilburg, Railport Brabant forms a trimodal cluster that guarantees a maximum in flexibility and transport reliability.

Railcargo within Europa and v-v China

Apart from the daily flow of goods between the Port of Rotterdam/Moerdijk and the Tilburg logistics hotspot, the Railport Brabant also makes is possible to forward goods into Europe/Asia by rail. In many countries inland waterways are insufficiently available, but a good railway network is available in a large number of countries in Europe. For moving large volumes over medium range distances, the railway network offers an excellent solution. For this reason more than 80% of the freight-transport by rail is cross-border. Due to the strategic location of the Railport Brabant, the terminal is a superb starting point for freight transport by rail to and from Central Europe/Asia.

Recently a new railway connection between Tilburg and China was established. This makes it possible to forward goods from Chengdu in China via Railport Brabant with connection to Rotterdam, within 15 days. Due to electrification it is possible for e-loc to make a stop and go on our terminal since the beginning of this year.