Multimodal Terminal De Kempen fulfills an important role by completing the last white spot on the logistics map of this region, located excactly on the border between Limburg and Brabant.

Cost effective and sustainable alternative for road transport

Multimodal Terminal De Kempen was launched on a plot of 2 hectare ready for the storage and handling of containers. The entire site is fenced and protected with state of the art techniques. The goal is to grow the handling of container terminal within three to five years to an annual estimate of 10.000 containers for regional companies. This equals about 20.000 lorries and a saving of 80 shipments a day! This phenomenon is known as ‘modal shift’ and is aimed at the reduction of traffic congestion and achieving environmental gains. 

Given the expected growth of logistics and e-commerce activities, the terminal is an ideal connection to and from mainports Rotterdam and Antwerp and the hinterland.