Rail Transport

Transport via rail is an important link in the multimodal train that enable transport between the Netherlands and European destinations. Where many countries have insufficient waterways, most countries in Europe and Asia do have a sufficient rail network. In order to transport large volumes for medium to large distances, the rail offers the ideal solution. From all rail transport approximately 80% is cross-border; more and more shippers acknowledge rail transport as a sustainable alternative for road transport that is becoming more expensive and affected by traffic congestion. Innovative transport concepts direct shippers to the right track. 

GVT Intermodal uses several own terminals, in the Netherlands and Europe, to guarantee maximum flexibility and security.


  1. Environmental friendly and contributes to sustainable shipment of goods via CO2-reduction
  2. Control tower for other logistic activities 
  3. Various cross-dock locations and facilities for intercontinental and continental transport
  4. Cost efficient