• dutch pavilion ceremony

Expanding your business in China? Dutch Pavilion!

Ever thought about expanding your business to China? By positioning your products in the Dutch Pavilion in Chengdu you boost your business to 15 million potential customers in one city. The Dutch Pavilion is initiated by GVT Intermodal Freightmanagement and supported by the Chinese and Dutch government.  GVT Intermodal Freightmanagement professionally integrates all transport options and offers perfect door-to-door solutions in China.

The Dutch Pavilion is located next to the rail terminal. Here our Chengdu – Tilburg – Rotterdam Express arrives and departures, this is the fastest and only direct railway connection between China and the Netherlands. This unique connection enables the transport of containers from the Netherlands to China within only 15 days. The rates are only a quarter of the airfreight rates and less than double of the sea freight rates.

One Belt One Road

The Dutch Pavilion is established to connect Dutch enterprises with potential Chinese importers and customers. The project is part of the One Belt One Road initiative and it stimulates the trade between the Netherlands and China. 


The city of Chengdu is the 6th largest city in China and inhabits over 17 million potential customers. This city is known for its international character and it has the rail terminal with highest handling capacity of Asia. Therefore, Chengdu offers great logistical connections to the rest of China for your products.

Exhibition Spaces

Within the Dutch Pavilion GVT offers exhibition stands at different sizes, starting from €100 per month. The stands can be filled with your products and promotional materials. These exhibition spaces allow you to have a physical foothold at the other side of the world, where your potential customers have the possibility to discover and experience your product.  The Dutch Pavilion is like a leisure park located next to other pavilions from different countries.


China representatives at your stand
To give potential customers the best experience of your product.

Monthly briefing and sales leads communications
GVT’s representative will offer monthly briefing of the response of Chinese importers.

Governmental advice
All government regulations and policies will be transparently shared.

Door-to-Door transportation
GVT can take care of all your logistical challenges and has experience with standard, insulated and reefer containers.

Additional Services

GVT is able to provide additional services at the Dutch Pavilion when requested. 

Rail transport from the Netherlands to China
With the Chengdu – Tilburg – Rotterdam Express your products will arrive in 15 days.

Transportation of Promotional Materials
The transportation of your promotional material can be done as low as €100,- per euro pallet from Tilburg to Chengdu.

Import/Export documents
We can help to arrange required import and export documents.

Trade missions to Chengdu organized by government
Trade missions can be organized to meet with the importer who is interested in your product.